Wednesday, July 27, 2011


As of our visit to Pluta on June 16, we had raised  $588.11.  People had emailed me and asked if they could still donate, so I expect the total to be higher.  We would like to thank everyone for their interest and their generous donations!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Make Your Donation online and by mail

If you would like to make your donation online, go to  and click on the green "donate" button.

If you would like to send a check or money order, please make it out to Pluta Cancer Center Foundation
and mail it to:  Truckin' For Pluta
                      Pluta Cancer Center
                      125 Red Creek Dr.
                      Rochester, NY 14623

We truly appreciate your support, and thank you all for making out little fundraiser a success!

Drum Roll, Please......... The Totals

We were dispatched on 17,811 miles in May!  At a penny per mile, we will be bringing a check to Pluta for $178.11!     

This was on 14 loads, so the people that pledged $5 per load, will be sending their checks for $70!

We had many people pledge or send in a set amount, and when we visit Pluta on June 16th, we will find out the grand total.

We really, really, really appreciate all your support, and we know how much it will mean to the patients and their families at Pluta that will benefit from your generosity.

May 31 1991 miles

On Tuesday, May 31, we were dispatched from Joliet, IL to McCook, IL (30 miles) to pick up a load going back to Fontana, CA (1961 miles).  That was a good ending for the month of May and for our fundraiser.  Almost 18,000 miles!  I will add all the mileages and put in the official total in the next post.

May 27 1947 Miles

On Friday, May 27, we got a load out of Fontana, CA going to Joliet, IL (1947 miles).  That was a nice run for the holiday weekend.  We remember and salute all the veterans that made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our freedom. We hope you all had a good Memorial Day.

More Thank Yous!

I wanted to thank Ellen Buckholtz, Betty Dingman and Patricia Lookup for their generous donations!  We really appreciate them!

Thank you, Robin, for all your support in fighting cancer and for being so supportive us!

Thank you, Paula Chait, for all your Tech help on the fundraiser!

And last but not least, big thanks to our dispatcher, Rich Johnson, and load planner, Don Confer.  We wouldn't have all  these miles without you!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25 1768 miles

From Olive Branch, MS,  they had a load waiting there for us going back to Fontana CA (1768 miles).